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Stoughton has facilities dedicated to the manufacture of conventional and intermodal transportation equipment.They all have incorporated vertical integration wherever possible to enhance the entire manufacturing operation. This provides us with the opportunity to optimize our quality assurance procedures and improve component inventory control.

Stoughton, Wisconsin Facility
Our corporate headquarters and trailer manufacturing facility are located in Stoughton, Wisconsin, along with our after market parts distribution center. The 680,000 sq. ft. Stoughton plant houses all of the component manufacturing operations for rear door frames, ladder assemblies and upper coupler assemblies. From fabrication of subassemblies to final assembly of all Stoughton dry vans, this facility has the capacity to produce in excess of 20,000 finished units per year.The 45,000 sq. ft. Stoughton Parts facility is dedicated to supporting our network of Stoughton Trailers dealers, independent repair shops and fleet customers throughout North America.
Stoughton Parts Sales, LLC
Stoughton, Wisconsin

Evansville, Wisconsin Facility

Container and Chassis
Built at Evansville Facility

At a production rate exceeding one container every 40 minutes, the 300,000 sq. ft. Stoughton Trailers container facility is one of the most modern and automated facilities in North America for the manufacture of containers and container chassis.

Brodhead, Wisconsin Facility Aulminum Van Trailers
Built at Brodhead Facility

This state-of-the-art 262,000 sq. ft. facility is Stoughton's newest plant designed for high volume fleet sales. The facility has incorporated Stoughton's latest production technology for high volume van assembly. It is capable of handling all trailer fabrications using the latest equipment and techniques. Virtually all components are manufactured and assembled in-house to assure the highest level of quality and control. Major trailer components are welded by robot for high, consistent production. All our facilities incorporate the latest process equipment for premier, long-life painting of steel components. All components are grit blasted prior to painting. The painting process employs semi-automated electrostatic spray for both prime and top coat with oven cure.

Stoughton Trailers Acceptance Company, LLC

Born of our commitment to support our dealer network and our focus on meeting the varying needs of our customers, Stoughton Trailers Acceptance Company (STAC) was founded.STAC provides a full range of custom leasing programs for all Stoughton customers. Our STAC programs are just one more example of how Stoughton Trailers is leading the industry with innovative solutions for today's fleet operations.


Trailers Designed & Engineered Around Your Needs

Our experience in the market, combined with thousands of satisfied fleet and owner/operator customers, has given us a unique perspective on the design, engineering and manufacture of trailers, containers and chassis to meet the demands of today's transportation industry.

Once we understand your specific requirements and any unique cube or weight specifications, our design engineers will design a unit to meet your specific needs.

Our knowledge of the way trailers, containers and chassis are designed and our attention to details helps us to overcome the inherent problem areas and shortcomings common to many of today's trailers.

Stoughton uses state-of-the-art CAD tools including finite element analysis to maximize structural integrity.

Quality Is A Total Focus At Stoughton

At Stoughton, we define quality not only in terms of physical component specifications, but as importantly in the quality of our work force. We have our own training facility. Every new employee receives an intensive one week in-house training program. Here, each employee is introduced to the complete manufacturing procedure and, more importantly, every quality procedure incorporated in the manufacture of a Stoughton trailer. This training program assures that each employee is focused on our total commitment to the highest quality standards for every product delivered to our customers.

In addition to our manufacturing training program, Stoughton also incorporates an in-house certified welding training program. Here, our employees receive training from our own certified welding instructors; training is necessary for them to produce weldments which meet the quality standards of Stoughton Trailers.
Absolute quality control begins with quality workmanship, that is why we individually train our own personnel in key areas such as welding.  

A Product Is Only As Good As The Components That Go Into It

Unlike other trailer manufacturers, Stoughton Trailers does virtually everything in-house to allow for complete control over the entire manufacturing process to ensure the highest end-product quality.
State-of-the-art CNC turret presses allow maximum precision and repeatability in component fabrication.  

Because we know that the quality of the tooling affects the quality of each component, Stoughton maintains a comprehensive Tool & Die Department that allows us to maintain the highest level of control over parts fabrication in the industry. Our state-of-the-art machine shop provides in-house capabilities to meet all of our tooling needs. By controlling the design and fabrication of all dies and fixturing we can improve efficiency while maintaining manufacturing quality.

In order to ensure maximum consistency in critical tolerances and manufacturing flexibility, Computer Numeric Controlled fabricating equipment is used to cut, bend, punch and shear raw materials into exact part configurations. Stoughton manufactures all components and subassemblies eliminating the problems common to out-sourcing practices and by other manufactures.

At Stoughton, we fabricate all of our subassemblies in-house, including rear door frames, slider rail subframes, upper couplers and landing gears. Throughout the entire process each component is built to stringent quality standards to ensure maximum strength and integrity. For example, our rear door frame is designed to be the most rigid in the industry. It is designed to prevent racking and ensure consistent door operation, thereby reducing wear and tear on the door gaskets.

All subassemblies including rear door frames
are fabricated in our facilities.

Incorporating this level of vertical integration allows for greater flexibility, rapid response time and the highest level of quality control possible. So, while other trailer manufacturers are buying many assemblies from outside suppliers with little or no control over quality, we are building the highest quality trailer on the road today.

Exclusive Paint Protection

In order to keep Stoughton Trailers looking good for years, all steel subassemblies go through our exclusive dual paint process that is recognized as the best in the industry.

Grit blasting prior to priming ensures that subassemblies and chassis frames (shown at left) are free of all surface deposits. After grit blasting, each component is primed with a two-part zinc rich primer and oven dried to prepare it for final coating. Once the primer is properly dried (lower left) in the ovens, a special two-part polyurethane finish coat is applied (below) and the parts are once again cured in a controlled environment oven. The result is a surface which provides the best possible protection from weather, salt and corrosive elements.

All subassemblies go through a cleaning station where they are grit blasted to remove any mill scale, weld residue and surface oxidation. Next, a two-part epoxy or zinc rich prime coat is applied. Following the prime coat, the subassemblies go into a curing oven for thirty minutes. After this first round of curing and cooling is complete, the subassemblies are top coated with a two-part polyurethane paint followed again by thirty minutes in the curing oven. The result is a durable, long-lasting finish that protects critical steel subassemblies from the rigors of over-the-road service. After painting the subassemblies and component parts are brought to the assembly line to begin the final assembly process.

After each subassembly is grit blasted it undergoes a through cleaning process to remove any residual grit or dust. This extra attention to surface preparation eliminates the possibility of irregularities in the primer and finish coat application.

Suspension Assembly

Accountability is the key to a successful quality assurance program. That is why Stoughton has installed digitally controlled torquing stations for use in the axle and wheel-end installation process. In the case of axle assembly, the operator enters the correct torque level for each U-bolt at the control station. The pneumatic head then torques the fastener to that exact torque. The same equipment and procedures are used for the installation of all wheel and drum assemblies. A digital record of the final torque level for each assembly is recorded as part of the permanent quality control record for each trailer.

Quality is built into every Stoughton product right down to the torque level of the lug nuts where a numerically controlled (inset) power torquing station is used to assemble the wheel-ends.

Stoughton Containers And Chassis Meet The Needs Of The Intermodal Fleet

Stoughton containers and chassis are designed and built to the same demanding standards as conventional Stoughton trailers. The 300,000 square foot facility located in Evansville is dedicated to the production of both the containers and container chassis.

All component parts for the containers and chassis are produced in the Stoughton facility. All welding of components are done at the container and chassis plant in Evansville. Robotic welding cells are used in the welding of subassemblies to ensure consistent weld integrity in difficult weldment configurations.

Every weldment and chassis assembly is grit blasted to remove all mill slag and surface contamination prior to priming. By grit blasting all surfaces, the primer will achieve maximum bonding to the metal forming a superior base for the finished coat. After the zinc rich primer is applied, the components move through the ovens to ensure proper cure. Once the primer is completely cured, the components receive a topcoat of two-part polyurethane to form the final finish. This, too, is oven cured. This process of surface preparation followed by the two-step painting process forms a hard surface finish which will stand-up to the daily rigors of container operations.

Robotic welding centers are used in the construction of weldments. These computerized welding cells apply critical welds with the highest degree of consistency and accuracy assuring that there is uniform structural integrity in each finished subassembly.

Every chassis is grit blasted in a specially designed chamber to assure that all mill scale and any residual oxidation is removed from the metal prior to painting. Once the chassis has been grit blasted, it moves through a specially designed painting station to receive a zinc rich primer coat and a two-part polyurethane finish coat.

After painting, the chassis is fully assembled and thoroughly tested and inspected.

Stoughton Trailers produces a complete line of containers and container chassis in a variety of sizes.

Containers- 28', 48' & 53'

Chassis- 23'6", 28', 40', 45', 48', 53' & extendibles

Containers- smooth side, exterior post & plate wall

Final Inspection And Quality Certification

After every unit is finished it is moved to a final inspection and testing station where it undergoes a complete final inspection including brake response and an ultrasonic leak test. The ultrasonic leak test will alert the inspector of even the most minute inconsistency in the surface structure of the trailer. No other trailer manufacturer goes to this extreme to ensure the quality of the product delivered to you.

All Stoughton trailers and containers are leak tested using ultrasonic test equipment to ensure that all seams are properly fitted and there are no leaks which could allow moisture or other contaminants to enter the trailer.


Every Stoughton trailer and chassis is inspected and certified for proper brake and lighting functionality prior to shipment.

All The Attention To Details Add Up To Greater Value

Our goal is simple: We want to make our customer's trailers more productive, longer lasting and lower maintenance. From start to finish, Stoughton focuses on the details. That's why Stoughton has earned the reputation for delivering high-quality, long lasting trailers and intermodal products that effectively lower your operating costs.

For example, Stoughton plate trailers have roof bows constructed of 16 gauge galvanized steel set on 16" centers. These hat section roof bows are bonded to the one piece aluminum skin for extra strength and durability.
Front corners are constructed of a single, heavy-duty aluminum extrusion with mill finish. This unique design provides maximum structural integrity while allowing any necessary repairs to be made quickly and easily.

Rear door frames are reinforced for greater structural integrity and are welded from 2" by 4" steel tubes with an 11-3/8" lower sill and threshold member. The top of the rear frame has an integral rain gutter.

Rear door frame corners have integral structural elements, which eliminate the need for knee irons.

Full-width rear bumper with welded reinforcements meet DOT requirements. Tail lights are recessed in cavities for maximum protection.

Another example of the details that make a Stoughton trailer superior is the unique lower rail used on the Stoughton plate trailer. These lower rails are made of a single, heavy-duty, 11" extrusion with an integral 6" scuff rail to provide maximum structural integrity and interior side wall protection.
Stoughton utilizes modular lighting systems which significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Committed To Lowering The Cost Of Trailer Ownership

The pressure to keep a fleet profitable is intense. Increased competition, federal regulation and the ever-changing nature of the freight delivery business continues to challenge even the most efficiently run organization. So, most of your buying decisions come down to a simple proposition, how can you reduce the cost of equipment ownership?

When it comes to dry freight vans, platforms or intermodal containers and chassis, the tendency is to assume that because they all tend to look alike, they are essentially the same. But when you take a closer look, there are major differences from one trailer to another. These differences are primarily in the many design and manufacturing details that, when added together, make Stoughton trailers, and Stoughton intermodal containers and chassis the highest quality, most durable products available. These details will significantly lower your cost of ownership.

Stoughton Trailers, LLC
416 South Academy Street
Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589
phone: (608) 873-2500 / fax: (608) 873-2575
e-mail: sales@stoughtontrailers.com

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