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History of Transcraft Corporation

Transcraft Corporation has been a leader in quality and design in the flatbed trailer industry since opening its doors in 1962. William R. Cunningham, the company’s founder, began initially building trailers for other trailer companies. In 1968 Transcraft began marketing lightweight heavy duty flatbed products under the Transcraft trademark. Starting with a select group of trailer dealers and some direct fleet contacts, Transcraft's dealer network has grown to more than 150 dealer locations in the United States and Canada and is still growing. Transcraft is the nation’s largest flat bed manufacturer. Between 2000 and 2002 we have increased our market share from 25% to over 34% of the flat bed trailer market in the United States.

Transcraft has long been recognized as a leader in quality and innovation in the platform trailer industry. Even in the early days, Transcraft designed their trailers to haul more payload than similar trailers built by competing companies. Transcraft has always been a leader in quality and designs that have reduced the flatbed trailer weight to give the operator more legal payload capacity. In fact, Transcraft trailers are easily recognized on the road by their trademark round holes in their frame. These lightening holes have become symbolic of their commitment to weight reduction. As a leader in the industry, Transcraft used 100,000 psi yield strength, heat treated steel, "T-1 Steel," while other manufacturers were using 36,000 to 65,000 psi yield strength high tensile steel in their flat bed beams. This "T-1" steel made Transcraft units stronger and lighter than all other flatbed trailers. After thirty years other manufacturers have recognized the benefit of T-1 type heat treated steel but offer it as a premium add-on option.

In 1993 Transcraft introduced the "Super Beam," utilizing a newly developed 130,000 psi heat treated steel to increase the payload capacity well above the legal limits. With a 121" spread tandem, the trailer has a concentrated load capacity of 70,000 pounds in any 10 feet and 65,000 pound in any 4 feet. The "Super Beam" is standard on Transcraft's TL-2000, a super strong, light weight, premium steel platform trailer. Always responsive to the market demand, Transcraft has developed its highly successful Transcraft Eagle, a unit as advanced in thinking as it is in styling. Behind the striking design is state of the art engineering and tough exacting standards for quality control. Maximum use of aluminum components and the high-strength steel "Super Beam" result in a lightweight trailer with the same high load capacities of its all steel counterparts.

Looking again to the future, in 1996 Transcraft expanded its manufacturing operations by constructing a 100,000 square foot, $7 million plant in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. A majority of Eagle production was been moved to the Mt. Sterling plant.

In 1998 Transcraft lead the industry by introducing "5 Year Zero Maintenance" features for all of the major components of its Eagle and TL models. Items such as wheel bearings, oil seals, lights, wiring, landing gear and suspension parts will cost the operator nothing to maintain for five full years for normal wear and tear. All structural components are also warranted for 5 years maintenance free wear.

In July of 1999, Transcraft Corporation was sold to Lincolnshire Equity Fund II, L.P., a New York based investment group, which provides growth capital to middle market companies. Transcraft Corporation will continue to build on its success and quality reputation established by its dedicated and loyal employees and customers.

On March 1, 2001 additional capabilites were developed to produce the TL-2000 and TL-80K Aluminum/Steel Combo trailers at the Mt. Sterling plant. On September 19, 2001 Transcraft introduced the New Eagle II model which is built predominantly in the Mt. Sterling facility. At the Anna plant the company continues building all models which now includes the Eagle, Eagle II, TL-80K, TL-2000, TL-3000, DTL-2100, D-Eagle and the DTL-3000.

Transcraft is constantly working on new innovations to serve their customers. New products are introduced annually. In 2002, Transcraft celebrates its' 40th year anniversary. It took leadership, quality, innovation, acceptance, variety, and over forty years of customer loyalty to get there. To stay #1, we realize we have to constantly improve our products. Visit your local Transcraft dealer and see the new 2003 models with improvements in the paint system, aluminum flooring, and suspension mounting and see why you are way ahead with a Transcraft behind you.

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